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Gamers that have been playing Minecraft for quite a while, sure have heard about the cheats. It is where players use cheats to make combat against other players easier. (I know, they're ruining the game.).

If you are one of these people that uses cheats or hack clients on Minecraft, there's a common problem that you're facing, Hypixel Watchdog ban.

What is Watchdog?

Hypixel implemented its Cheat Detection System. Watchdog randomly picks and analyzes a player's data and their movement to determine whether a person is cheating. Watchdog also works if someone reported a player for cheating. If you've tried cheating on Hypixel, you might have already experienced seeing someone invisible circling around you. No, they're no ghost. It's a Watchdog doing their job and trying to trigger your cheats against it. After the bot analyses the players' behaviors, those who cheat are added to Watchdog ban list and get banned when a ban wave commences.

Why did Watchdog ban me?

There are only a few reasons why you got banned.

  1. You are using an outdated hack client.
  2. Blatantly cheating (Nuke, Fly).
  3. The account has reached its limit. If you're hacking, expect to get banned.

There's no bulletproof way to bypass the anti-cheat system indefinitely. It is always guaranteed that you will be banned sooner or later. It's just the matter of how long you can maintain that account and play on it. Premium hack clients do their job better at bypassing the anti-cheat of the server, and keeping the alt account unbanned longer.

What should I do?

1. Appeal

If you know that you got banned for no reason, then an appeal will be appropriate. You're just wasting your time if you're trying to appeal a cheating ban.

2. Use Alt Accounts

When you cheat on a server, NEVER use your main account. If you are planning to cheat on Hypixel blatantly, or don't want the hassle of buying alts every day, an account generator is more suitable for you.

Always use an alt account

3. Use premium hack clients.

Paid hack clients are especially important if you are going to cheat on a top server like Hypixel. Developers of these clients tend to push more updates that bypass the latest anti-cheat.

4. VPN (Optional)

It's recommended to use a VPN for your next alt account if you got banned for Watchdog Cheat Detection. Hypixel looks at your IP address and bans the next account you will use. They are doing this because they already know that you're using cheats. Using a VPN will avoid all that because it changes your IP address.


Hypixel is continuously updating its Cheat Detection System called Watchdog. So the complexity of the methods we use to bypass it. Remember, it's impossible to keep your alt accounts forever, so do not use your main account when you're cheating.

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